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As military members transition from life in the military to a life outside, many of them are experiencing problems adjusting to this new normal. These problems are not just limited to the service member, but also to their families as well. After our family served 20 years in the Army as a member and an Army spouse and seeing first-hand how these problems can impact a military family, through our own experiences and also the experiences of those close to us, we decided to do something to help.

We established this organization as a way to give back and help those who have sacrificed so much. We truly believe in giving back and want to help make an already difficult process for Veterans, a little bit easier by providing professional business attire, job assistance services, scholarships, and group counseling, where veterans and their families can talk to people with the same experiences.

We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective, efficient public stewards.

We promote honesty, integrity, and openness in all we do.

We encourage innovation to meet challenges.

We foster an environment of collaboration.


Our Mission

Combat Boots 2 The Boardroom, Inc. is dedicated to investing in Veterans by providing an about-face approach to the men & women of the U.S. Armed Forces, Veterans, and Reserve that have transitioned to the civilian sector by providing professional clothing, resume education, and public services that can open doors to introductions, connections, opportunities as well as advancement.


Our Vision

To make Combat Boots 2 The Boardroom, Inc. a non-profit dedicated to work, grow, and help the community through public service.

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