Veterans' Day 365


Veterans' Day 365


The Deployment is focused on helping to build the Veteran leaders of tomorrow who will be able to hire and generate economic growth across multiple different fields. To accomplish this, we will be holding quarterly Business Summits, where guest speakers will talk to veterans about qualities they look for and that have made them successful. Some of the things we will focus on during the Deployment are:


  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership Development & Image Consulting

Kits 4 Kids

Kits 4 Kids will provide military children with the necessary items and skills that will allow them to express their feelings, foster communication, and provide a means to cope with the stress and confusing feelings of being a military child. This will be accomplished through some of the following:


  • Kid Specific Events

  • Donations To Kids

  • Kids’ Education

  • Partnerships With Kid Friendly Businesses/ Organizations

  • A Series of Kids’ Books to Help Them Navigate the Changes They Will Face

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