Charcuterie Board Competition

CB Contest Flyer - Combat Boots 2 The Bo
CB Contest Flyer - Combat Boots 2 The Bo

CB Contest Flyer - Combat Boots 2 The Bo
CB Contest Flyer - Combat Boots 2 The Bo



Charcuterie Board Competition Information and Rules


What do you think of when you hear the word Charcuterie? If you are like us the first time you heard it, there was some confusion. However, after our first experience we became believers in the Charcuterie = Life. There is nothing quite like having a board of delicious foods in front of them, all of them complementing each other; it looks almost as good as it tastes.

Whether you use prosciutto, salami, chorizo, or whatever your favorite is, with the necessary addition of cheese. Whether it is sharp, cream, crumbly, and/ or firm, they all bring something extra to the dish.

Who doesn’t love meat and cheese; but if you thought that was all, then you are mistaken. To bring it up a notch add something sweet to balance your palate; you can add your favorite jam, chutney, or fruit. You could even add crackers and nuts as well, for to add an additional flavor and feel to the dish.

What better way to introduce and share something we love with the rest of the community, than through our Charcuterie Board competition. We want to see everyone else’s favorite and even better if you have never did one before, your original version. This is something the entire family can do together, or each person can create their own version and see whose is the best.

The Rules are below:

There is no limit to the number of Charcuterie and Cheese items you can use (Pick your favorites and be creative)

Include some accompaniments, such as; breads, crackers, olives, almonds, honey, figs, and/ or jam. (These are just suggestions you can use whatever you like to bring your vision to life.

Create your amazing Charcuterie board using your items of choice. Before you dive in to enjoy your wonderful spread, make sure you take pictures. Unfortunately, this is not a taste competition.

After taking your pictures (take a minimum of two pictures (with you in the picture as well, videos are encouraged also), making sure you get the best possible angles to capture the beauty of your Charcuterie Board) and email them to us @