CB2TB COVID-19 Message

COVID-19 has impacted every family in a way that no one every imagined. This Pandemic has affected every one; young, old, sick, healthy, and people of all races. It has altered the way we live and forced us all to have unpleasant conversations with our children. Trying to explain the current situation is hard for parents as we try to help our kids understand what is going on and why they can't see their friends. I felt this pain today as I tried to explain to my 4 year old why she couldn't see all of her friends. It has also placed ones we love at danger of getting sick and worst case dying from something no one still understands currently. Through all of the challenges COVID-19 has presented, it has allowed for one thing. The bonding of families. It has forced everyone to to truly recognize what is important and that is "Family." So we would just like to say to everyone stay strong, lean on your family, and most importantly have fun with them. Jump on the trampoline, let your kids do your make-up (that includes you dads), go outside and play silly games, do all those things your kids think are fun and even introduce them to some of the games you use to play as kids.

CB2TB will continue to do what we can provide support to everyone during this time. We all have to help each other get through this, and a lot of people are doing their part to help. There are people making mask for the community free of charge and donating food, money, their time, and other essential items. So on behalf of CB2TB we say thank you to everyone for lending a hand and continue keeping up the good work. We challenge everyone do something to help those in your community. We understand the options are limited because of "Social Distancing," however we all can do something to help. This can be a family event, come up with an idea to get the whole family involved and do something nice to help someone. Thank you once again to everyone and stay safe!

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