Vets Inspire Attire



The purpose of the program Vets Inspire Attire is to move the underserved into the workforce by educating them to present themselves with pride through soft skills training. The program enhances the employment potential and self-esteem of each client as they begin to take control of the direction of their lives. The paradox that veteran men and women face as they transition into the workplace is lack of support and encouragement. Additionally, they need the appropriate tools and resources to be positioned for success. This is a real dilemma that can prevent and intimidate qualified candidates from applying for job interviews. Consequently, this situation can trap individuals in a cycle of poverty and dependency. This is a program service designed to help people overcome this barrier and become self-sufficient. 




This program provides clients with career guidance, technology, soft skills training, and support in their job searches. Facilitators will work with clients to assist with their interview skills, providing career coaching, mock interviews, conflict resolution, work ethics, and more. It gives clients a competitive edge when searching for new employment. Time Management training helps participants focus their efforts on tasks that help them to prioritize tasks and activities, eliminate unnecessary activities, and manage their personal and professional time effectively. Clients work with a SUCCESS COACH to help guide their decisions and serve as an Advocate. 


Quarterly LUNCH & LEARN allows networking with our Employer Partners who serve as guest speakers. What sets this concept apart from other programs is the accessibility and a less formal structure to meet and engage in dialogue with corporate recruiters. LUNCH & LEARN is an innovative way to reduce the competition as they cultivate relationships in the business sector. 




Once they complete the Development program and begin an employment search, participants meet with our IMAGE CONSULTANT who selects a suit (or interview attire), accessories for their job interview, and provides a voucher for grooming services at a partnering salon or barber. Once a client secures employment, they are eligible to return for an employment suiting, where they will receive work-appropriate clothing. This program is the only of its kind in Bryan County (Richmond Hill, Georgia) and the first of many steps in a client’s path towards self-sufficiency and the actualization of their professional goals.